R&D Capabilities

New Material Development Opportunities

Multilayer Films team can help with:
• Understanding polymer structure-properties relationships
foradvancing your product development
• Support new technology development activities
• Provide full laboratory access for R&D projects
• Services from prototyping to low-rate production
• Access to new technology in advanced polymer materials

New Technology Co-development Opportunities:
• Collaboration on Nondilutive R&D Projects
• SBIR, BAAs and other Government Funding Opportunities

Contract R&D Opportunities

From 2 layers to 64,000 + layered

Blends, additives, pigments,

Existing R&D Support, new product development

Mechanical, Thermal, Optical, Microscopy,

Single-layer, multi-layer, blend samples

R&D Support Across Value-Chain

Multilayer Films works with companies acrossthe value-chain

• R&D Support,
• Characterization
• Low Rate Tolling